Organizing Translation Materials

Lately, I have been translating a favorite Japanese manga into English to try and keep my reading skills up to par while I am between degrees. I am running into problems with how to keep my translations organized and easily reference to the manga.

Does anyone here have suggestions on how to do this? Do you use your computer more or regular paper? Personally, I've mostly been using paper as I am not always near my computer when I am working on it. I've ended up with a notebook of vocabulary, one of the actual text translation and a notepad of words and phrases I've had to mull over before I decided what to do with the translation.
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Having a little trouble with this sentence....

また私です~^^ 小説を読んでいる間に、下のフレーズを見たんだけど。。。





Some Help Onegaishimasu

Okay first off, I am studying for the kanken (you know the big wicked Kanji exam), there is something that I do not understand, in level 9 there is a section where they give you a workd and you choose between to leap up or to stay still. I am confused because I do not fully understand what this section is asking me to it oppisites? or something else? If someone knows please tell me.

Now the other thing. I am working on translating a Nintendo DS game (called Ochyaken no hiya). The sentence that I am having trouble with looks like;

新しい部屋で, いっしよに 「ほっ」 としよ?

I know that the first part is talking about a new room but the quotation on is the troubling part. Can someone please help?
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Vague Translation Needed

I bought two Doujinshi Anthologies the other day (they're both Digimon, and both in Japanese) and there are a handful of stories where I'd like to know what's going on. Not like, a full translation (I can understand how difficult that would be), but just a summary, like what's happening, any important lines, etc. I don't need a summary for the whole anthology, some of the stories are pretty straight forward and others I'm not too interested in knowing. Just for a couple of 10-15 page stories (some are shorter). I'd appreciate it greatly if someone could help me out! :D If you can only do one, that's fine too. In return, if you're interested in a particular pairing, I'll flip through the both of them and scan a story for you, or anything else I could do for you. I'd GREATLY appreciate this! Thanks!
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I hope this is alright, if not then I'll delete it~

I really need some manga pages translated, since the volume's not out in English yet. Even a rough translation is awesome! I just wanna know what's going on and things~ Oh, and it's Eureka SeveN~

I uploaded the pages~ page 81, page 84, page 124, page 125, page 126, page 127. The last four pages (124-127) are the priority, so if you'd translate only that part would be wonderful too! ♥

Thanks a lot in advance! And tell me if there's anything I can repay you with, of course~!

Grammar/usage questions


~まま(で)I often see this translated as "At this rate" or "In [such and such] way", and I mostly understand it in context, but maybe you can clarify the meaning/usage a little more for me? 
~っぽい/~風に  Seems like these are used a lot in visual examples, like "Do it like this (as I'm demonstrating to you now)", and also to express a certain style, like 日本風に~ or  日本っぽい are they different? When is one used and not the other?
~うちに I've read that this is more of a "while doing something", as opposed to ~間に which is more "during"...can you give me some examples of this? Or maybe other usages?

I'm sure there are many more, but these have been popping up a lot recently....よろしくお願いします!

Stinker of a verse...


Maybe I'm just being dense, but I can't seem to figure this out:


The first line I translated as "My reflection [the 'me' reflecting] in your eyes was laughing", which was straighforward enough. The second line, though, seems to have an invisible する floating around somewhere, but I still can't seem to get the overall meaning...よろしく!


So you want to translate manga professionally...

Hi all! We've been thinking about posting this for a while and only just now got around to it, but for those of you studying Japanese with the goal of translating anime and/or manga professionally, we thought it might be helpful to type something up explaining how to get into "the Industry," based on our own experience. For those of you studying Japanese for the fun of it, you might find it interesting, or you might want to ignore. Feel free to choose either one!

Collapse )

And that's basically how it seemed to work when we did everything. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and we'll answer them as best we can! Hope this was helpful!

Cognate Dictionary

Not exactly having to do with translation, but here goes.

Those of us who study or have studied Japanese very quickly learn that a lot of words borrowed into Japanese from don't keep the same meaning. Finding the meaning via dictionary/guessing has been fine up until now, but I am getting to the point I read/see enough newer material (magazines/manga/tv)that I am having trouble with my standard dictionary.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an online or hardcopy dictionary that would be more helpful? :-D
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Song translation - proof reading/suggestions?





貴方は期待をして 負担をかける


貴方は期待をして 誤解をする


私も期待をして それを待つ


私も期待をしては また駄目になる


その必要の無い街で 2人は何をうろたえたのだろう?












貴方は目を伏せて 言葉を探る


私も目を伏せては 距離を踊らす


その必要の無い街で 2人は何を擦り抜けたのだろう?














Hyouryuu no Hane (Drifting Feather)

Lyrics/Music: Onitsuka Chihiro


You have expectations, and you tremble so terribly with the burden placed upon you….

You have expectations, but you misunderstand….


I also have expectations, and trembling foolishly, I will wait for them….

I also have expectations, but again they will become meaningless…


In this city that needs of nothing, for what are we [two people] so dismayed over?

In such a city ….


*For instance, the way that the rails drift along can come to an end without being destroyed

*For instance, the way that our figertips followed let them be touched, just like this…

We are tempted

And we resist

And if we should arrive, then we’ll do it all over again


This time, what will you hope for?


You cast down your eyes, and search for the words

With your small spear…

I cast down my eyes as well, and let the distance dance away…


In this city that needs of nothing, what are we sliding through so quickly?

In such a city…


*For instance, the way that the rope drifts along can come to an end without being released

*For instance, the way that our legs followed let them just entwine…

We are tempted

And we resist

And if we should arrive, then we'll do it all again


This time, what will you hope for?